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Journal Article

Neuhaus, Richard John.

The Work of God.

First Things, num. 57, (1995), pp. 76-78.

Journal Article

[Recensión sobre: Saints and Schemers: Opus Dei and its paradoxes].

First Things, num. 61, (1996), pp. 58.

Journal Article

Schmitt, William A.

In defense of Opus Dei.

First Things, num. 65, (1996), pp. 11-12.

Journal Article

Royal, Robert.

God’s Work.

First Things, num. 83, (1998), pp. 56-59.

Journal Article

[Recensión sobre: The Founder of Opus Dei: The Life of Josemaria Escriva. I. The Early Years].

First Things, num. 116, (2001), pp. 66.