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Journal Article

Herranz, Julián.

The evolution of secular institutes.

The Jurist, vol. XXV, num. 25/2, (1965), pp. 129-162.

Journal Article

Stetson, William H. - Hervada, Javier.

Personal prelatures from Vatican II to the New Code: An hermeneutical study of canons 294-297.

The Jurist, vol. XLV, num. 45/2, (1985), pp. 379-418.

Journal Article

Martens, Kurt.

[Recensión sobre: Opus Dei: An Objetive Look Behind the Myths and Reality of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church].

The Jurist, vol. LXVII, num. 67/2, (2007), pp. 546-549.